There are so many women of faith doing and thinking very cool things. We're fortunate to have had so many of them agree to come and do workshops with us. As you can see, all of the workshops have multiple presenters/facilitators. Our goal is to encourage a diversity of voices by having women in different ministries, cultures and age groups share together. We hope you're as excited as we are! 


Women and the Word: Perspectives on theology and scripture texts about women

What can we learn from theologians, Bible scholars and ministers about the role of women in ministry? What resources can the Bible give us to deepen our ministry and our role as leaders?

Dr. Lydia Neufeld Harder
Senior Fellow, Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre
Fiona Jack
Young Adult Ministry Director, Knox Presbyterian
Rev. Dr. Ann Jervis
Professor of New Testament and Senior Fellow, Massey College, University of Toronto

Sexuality, Faith, and Christian Leadership: Exploring how queerness shapes life and ministry

How did your faith shape your identity? How does your identity now shape your faith? How do we build a safe, inclusive and welcoming church?

Heather Beamish
Poet and Gay Christian Activist
Rev. Dr. Cheri DiNovo
United Church Minister, Trinity St. Paul's Centre for Faith Justice and the Arts
Becca Sawyer
Event Manager, Generous Space Ministries

Attending to our Deepest Selves: Staying whole in ministry life

What are principles and practices that can help us flourish in our ministry and personal lives? Gather advice, support and inspiration on creating and maintaining self-care and spiritual practices that inspire health and longevity in ministry.

Rev. Leigh Kern
Coordinator of Indigenous Ministries and Reconciliation Animator, Diocese of Toronto, Anglican Church of Caada
Diane Marshall
Registered Psychotherapist and Marriage and Family Therapist, Institute of Family Living
Ginnie Wong
Children and Youth Ministry Coordinator, St. John’s Willowdale

Just Work: Juggling financial realities and personal callings in a gig economy

In the reality of freelance and part-time work, how do we have difficult conversations about wages, benefits and job security with our ministries, our supporters and our families? How can we find creative solutions to financial and professional health while serving our communities with energy and integrity?

Rev. Judith Alltree
Executive Director, Mission to Seafarers, Southern Ontario
Senior Port Chaplain, Toronto and Oshawa
Clara Pasieka
Youth Ministry Coordinator, Church of the Holy Trinity (Anglican)
Legislative Intern, Ontario Legislature
Rev. Pamela Rayment
Rector, Emmaus Anglican Church
Indigenous Representative to the Diocesan Executive Committee

The Praxis of Womanhood: Embodying ourselves in ministry life

Many of us work in ministry without the gift of role models of women who moved in these spaces before us. With our supervisors and mentors most often being men, where do we learn what it looks like to lead as a woman? From the philosophical to the pragmatic, this workshop will consider what it means to be doing ministry in and out of a woman’s body.

Deb Whalen-Blaize
Liturgist/Coordinator for Church on Tap, Christ Church Deer Park
Music Director, Wine Before Breakfast
Parish Missioner, Church of the Transfiguration;
Rev. Jacqueline Daley
St. Margaret's New Toronto
Janet Kim
Registered Psychotherapist