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Junia's Daughters

Young Women Partnering in Ministry
November 8, 2014


Fall 2014 Conference

We had a great time of learning and sharing between young women on topics like leadership and healthy sexuality, as well as on issues around maintaining a vibrant personal, professional, and spiritual life as a woman in ministry or considering ministry.

 We had almost 60 attendees attending 5 workshops and two plenaries.

Plenary Speakers

We were incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Sylvia Keesmaat and Rachel McCullough as our plenary speakers. Both are women of incredible insight who live out their theology in practical, real-world ways. Sylvia started the day off with us thinking of women in the bible, and letting us see new insights in the stories we’ve heard for so long. Rachel ended the day with us


Sylvia Keesmaat

Dr Sylvia Keesmaat

Dr Sylvia Keesmaat

Sylvia Keesmaat is the biblical Scholar in Residence for the Anglican Deanery of Trent Durham whose readings of the biblical story open up the text for our contemporary context. She speaks frequently on topics that connect the biblical text with issues of social and environmental justice, as well as pastoral issues facing the church today. She teaches both at the Toronto School of Theology and in lay contexts around the world. With her husband, Brian Walsh, Sylvia is the author of Colossians Remixed: Subverting the Empire, as well as author and editor of The Advent of Justice. In 2004, she left full-time academia to pursue her interests in sustainable living, and she currently lives on an organic solar-powered farm in Cameron, Ontario.


Rachel McCullough

Rachel McCullough

Rachel McCullough

Rachel McCullough works, worships and hangs out at Sanctuary, a downtown church whose purpose is to become a community in which those who are homeless, poor, and otherwise socially marginalized are the central and most valued members. Her main focus at Sanctuary is street outreach, community pastoral care, and theological reflection. Rachel is also a doctoral student at Wycliffe College studying the relationship between the Eucharist and social justice. She lives in downtown Toronto with her husband Glenn and their two year old son, Cole.



To be Ordained or not to be Ordained…That is the Question

How do we as young women make the choice between ordained ministry and a committed lay role? What are the strengths and challenges of choosing each journey? Where does a sense of call fit in? Hear and share stories, questions and struggles about both the ordained and lay paths. 

Susan Bell
Associate Priest (St. Martin-in-the-Fields)
Canon Missioner (Anglican Diocese of Toronto)
Jacqueline Daley
Assistant Curate (St. Hilary)
Jenn McIntyre
Director (Romero House)
MDiv Student (Wycliffe College, UofT)

Women in Leadership: Flourishing on the Journey

We will collaboratively examine some questions that we have asked ourselves as we lead in various contexts. What does it look like to lead as a woman? How can each of us become a confident leader with a servant heart? What is the role of vulnerability and risk in developing our leadership skills as we seek to lead wisely?

Jenny Andison
Rector (St. Clement’s Anglican Church)
Sara DeMoor
Chaplain, Christian Reformed Campus Ministries (University of Toronto)
Marion Taylor
Professor of Old Testament (Wycliffe College, UofT)

Navigating Work and Personal Life Priorities

How do we negotiate the call to ministry alongside our roles as friends, wives, and mothers? Are the expectations different for single women in ministry than for women with partners and children? How do we care for ourselves and each other as we strive to build life-long careers in ministry? In this workshop, we will attempt to have a frank and meaningful discussion on how to live well both in our ministry roles and in the communities that are important to us.

Marcia Boniferro
Chaplain, Christian Reformed Campus Ministries (University of Toronto)
Erinn Oxford
Pastor and Director (The Dale)

Reclaiming Our Bodies: Sexuality in Ministry Life

As Christian women, we are called to understand our sexuality and our bodies in ways that reflect the kingdom of God. As women in ministry, we find ourselves walking alongside people with their own experiences and beliefs as well. How do we do this safely and sanely? How do we minister in ways that bring wholeness and freedom? This panel workshop is a place for women of all beliefs to have an unflinching conversation about a too-often neglected subject.

Beth Fisher
Blogger (
MDiv Student (Wycliffe College, UofT)
Erin Lindan
Music Therapist
MMT Student (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Thea Prescod
Staff (Sanctuary)
Counselling Psychology Student (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, UofT)

Fundraising and Godly Spending

How are we to faithfully raise and spend money, as women in a consumeristic world? When the money we earn is donated by those in our faith community, how does that affect our decision making? In this workshop, we will explore these and other questions surrounding fundraising and stewardship.

Mary Jo Leddy
Founder (Romero House)
Associate Professor (Regis College, UofT)
Joanna Moon
Community Worker (The Dale)

Food for the Journey

A healthy and effective ministry must be rooted in a deep, personal relationship with God. This panel workshop will discuss the constant challenge of maintaining a vibrant personal spiritual life amid the struggles and pressures we each face.

Karen Isaacs
Administrative Assistant to the Area Bishop of York-Scarborough (Anglican Diocese of Toronto)
Anne Robins
Spiritual Director (Rhythms of Grace Spiritual Direction)
Jan Rothenburger
Community Outreach Pastor (Church at the Mission, Yonge Street Mission)

Women Doing Theology

What can we learn from feminist theologians about being women leaders in the church, in ministry, and in the world? What inspiration and challenges does feminist theology offer us as we navigate ministry in a complex and diverse world?

Joanna Manning
Associate Priest (All Saints Sherbourne Church Community Centre)
Kim Penner
ThD Student (Emmanuel College, UofT)